Safety warning

We strongly recommend all our users to read and be aware of our safety warning to ensure the best experience possible while buying and/or selling through our site.

1. General Buying and/or Selling safety tips:

1 .1 Never provide your sensitive personal information such as email address, date of birth, copies of critical identity documents over the internet.

1 .2 Never provide your financial information such as credit card details, debit card details and bank account details to others over the Internet.

1 .3 When buying and/or selling, you should meet locally and in person.

1 .4 You should inspect the item carefully in person to ensure it is as described in the ad and any issues are known upfront before you exchange any money.

1 .5 For personal safety and ease, you should arrange to meet in a busy public place, if possible. Also, it's a good idea to take a family member or friend with you.

1 .6 If a buyer/seller is coming to your workplace or home, ensure you have someone with you.

1 .7 For added safety, ask the buyer/seller to show their personal identification before you exchange any goods/services.

1 .8 When hiring home services, ask the service provider to produce proof of qualification and relevant insurance (if applicable), before you hire.

1 .9 Unless you receive the money in full, never send/exchange the item. Always exchange the goods/services in person.

1 .10 Never wire or send money to sellers or buyers. Always exchange money in person.

1 .11 If something sounds too good to be true it probably is. You should ignore such ads and report them to us.

1 .12 Balemara does not offer any sort of buyer or seller protection and/or payment programs. If you receive any email, even if it comes from a balemara email account and/or has the Balemara logo, that discuss about such things, you should ignore it and please report it to us.

1 .13 Be aware of common scams and fraud. Never trust anyone who promises large sums of money for your help, for any task, under any circumstances.

1 .14 People who are ready to rent a property without inspecting the property in person or the prospective tenant first, even if they claim that it is because they are currently overseas, are probably illegitimate.

1 .15 Please report any fraudulent ads, emails or any other suspicious activities by community members. In case of illegal or fraud activity, we strongly recommend you to report it to the Police.

2. Beware of pet scammers:

2 .1 Always buy locally. If the pet is in overseas or interstate and/or you are not allowed to inspect the pet in person for whatever reason, it is probably a scam.

2 .2 If they want money to be sent upfront without showing you the pet, it is likely a scam.

2 .3 Some scammers advertise without even having a pet. They just want to cheat innocent people. So, always be cautious.

2 .4 Scammers want to bypass the Balemara messaging system and will encourage you to handover your email address and/or phone number so that they can contact you directly and bypass our moderation.

2 .5 Price of pets advertised by scammers are usually very attractive when compared to the market price.

2 .6 Scammers usually say that they can email you more photos and ask for your email address. Don't believe them. The seller can post upto 10 photos in an ad. They need not email you separately.

3. Job hunting safety tips:

3 .1 Research well about the role offered, the company and the recruiter by asking the job poster lots of questions, before agreeing to meet them in person.

3 .2 Use independent resources such as ASIC website, ABN Lookup to find out any public information about the company.

3 .3 Meet your prospective employer in person, ideally at the work place within working hours, or in a busy public place.

3 .4 Be wary of anyone who gives vague or suspicious answers to your questions.

3 .5 Be wary of anyone who asks inappropriate or irrelevant questions.

3 .6 You should never provide your bank or identification details when you apply for a job.

3 .7 Unless "work from home" jobs are offered by well-known organizations, simply avoid or ignore them.

3 .8 Avoid any ads which guarantee you financial success, wealth and/or which will help you to get rich quick.