Posting policy

Balemara would like to be a safe, friendly, clean and usable marketplace for our community. To help us achieve this goal, please abide by the rules in this Posting policy and our Terms and Conditions while posting an ad. Otherwise, the ads will be rejected and/or your account will be locked.

1. Posting rules:

1 .1 The ad must not breach law.

1 .2 The ad must not be for a Prohibited item or service.

1 .3 The ad must not use inappropriate language and/or photos.

1 .4 The ad must not be a duplicate of another ad that is currently active.

1 .5 The ad must not be posted in the wrong category. Please always choose the most relevant category for your ad.

1 .6 The ad must be descriptive and provide enough detail about the product/service.

1 .7 The ad must not contain any external links for other classified, auction, job or property sites.

1 .8 The ad content must not be designed to manipulate search.

1 .9 The ad must not infringe the rights of someone else.

1 .10 The ad must not be defamatory and/or threatening.

1 .11 The ad must not be discriminatory on race, colour, gender, sexual preference, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, family or carer’s responsibilities, pregnancy, religion, political opinion, nationality, social origin, etc.

2. Prohibited items or services:

2 .1 Any items, tools, devices or equipments that facilitate and/or encourage crime or any illegal activity.

2 .2 Embargoed products, Recalled products, Stolen items, Counterfeits, Knock-offs and Replicas

2 .3 Sexual or escort services, sexual favors or actions offered explicitly or implicitly. Anything that is considered adult in nature, obscene and pornographic. Photos that contain nudity.

2 .4 Any items, devices or equipments that can cause destruction, such as explosives and fireworks. Weapons and weapon related parts or accessories, such as knives, machetes, swords, ammunition, BB and pellet guns, paintball guns, firearms, firearm accessories, spearguns, teasers, tear gas, stun guns, parts and magazines, switchblade knives, archery or bow & arrow equipments, martial arts weapons.

2 .5 Hazardous materials, such as toxic substances, pesticides, insecticides and radioactive materials. Rebuilt batteries, used batteries, batteries containing mercury.

2 .6 Identity documents, personal financial records and personal information. Government related items, such as badges, uniforms, IDs, licences and documents. Bulk email or mailing list, Instant Messenger (IM), Internet Protocol (IP), Personal information that contain names, contact details and any other personal identifying information, any software or tools that are purposely designed to send spam messages.

2 .7 Prohibited or illegal goods and services. Prohibited or illegal drugs, chemicals, controlled substances, items used to manufacture them and drug paraphernalia. Liquor, Tobacco products and any tobacco related items, such as e-cigarettes.

2 .8 Illegal electronic and telecommunication equipments, such as radar scanners, spy cameras, cable descrambler, traffic signal control devices, password sniffers and access cards.

2 .9 Any items, devices or equipments provided to any military or armed force that have not been disposed of as per that country's demilitarization policies.

2 .10 Any items or services related with gambling, sweepstakes entries, slot machines, lottery tickets.

2 .11 Anything that is considered harmful to anyone including but not limited to minors, seniors, vulnerable people, disabled people, mentally affected people.

2 .12 Anything that is related with work-from-home opportunities (Okay, if the organization is well-known), get-rich-quick schemes, fake franchise or distributor opportunities, network marketing companies or similar representatives.

2 .13 Body parts, bodily fluids and/or blood, adoption or surrogacy. Insects, plants, animals that are regulated or restricted. Endangered, protected, threatened species or any parts of them. Any animal parts such as rhino horn, ivory, hunting trophies.

2 .14 Pharmaceutical or General medicine, supplements and services, prescription drugs and devices, non-prescription drugs, drugs that make misleading or false treatment claims, treatment claims that need approval from Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), pharmacy and pharmacy related.

2 .15 Offensive services/items

You can easily report ads that violate our Posting policy and/or Terms and Conditions via the report link located on each ad page. Alternatively, Contact Us with the ad id(s), your contact details and the reasons why these ads should be reviewed.

An ad might either be reported by the Balemara community, by our team or by our automated moderation tools. In any case, the reported ad might be temporarily kept on hold until we review it. We review all the reported ads as soon as possible. If we decide that, the ad does not breach our Posting policy and/or our Terms and Conditions, we will release your ad straight away. Otherwise, we will reject your ad and/or lock your account.

If you could not see your published ad, it may be reported and is currently under review. You can check the current status of your ad in Manage my ads page. If we have had to reject your ad and/or lock your account, we will email you to let you know about it. Sometimes, our emails might end up in your spam or junk folders. So, kindly look out for Balemara emails and add Balemara to your contact list and/or safe senders list if you have one. If you have already tried all the above options and none of them apply to your ad, then please Contact Us and we will be happy to help you.